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RE: Eclair ACL Eclair ACL support rods

I found the ACL page! and on it, the picture.

Am I right in supposing that the support rods are fixed integral to  the
piece of metal which fits onto the base?

How does the Support Bar interface attach to the camera base? By undoing the
three base screws and substituting longer ones?

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From: "Les Bosher" <les@lesbosher.co.uk>
To: <EclairACL@topica.com>
Sent: Thursday, May 02, 2002 7:29 AM
Subject: Re: Eclair ACL ACL support rods

Hi Bob ,

Support Bar Interface  $175.00 - 20% = $139.20
Support Bars               $203.00 - 20% = $162.40
Bar Extenders              $101.50 - 20% = $ 81.20

All available ex stock .

Is your camera base plate 1/2" thick or thicker ?

I also have interfaces for the ACL II with the base with the curved front

All are self - install , & dual Std /Super 16
There's a picture on my Site on the ACL Page.

Incidentally , the ACL Top Handles are now available , $120.00 each

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From: "Robert Morein" <rho@netreach.net>
To: <EclairACL@topica.com>
Sent: Thursday, May 02, 2002 6:33 AM
Subject: RE: Eclair ACL ACL support rods

> Haven't yet sent the Filmo to you for S-16 conversion, but I intend to
> so. I'm currently obsessed with production problems on a film project.
> I have an ACL I.
> Is there any kind of base with support rods you could make up that I
> self-install?
> Bob Morein

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