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Eclair ACL ACL Support Rods ,

Bob ,

The Support interface fits under the camera using the 3/8W  Tripod Thread . On the ACL I a small side plate stops it twisting .
On the ACL II , 2 bosses locate in the counterbores of the base fixing screws .
There are 2 new tripod holes in the plate , which assists balance. The Support Bars are standard Arri spacing 15mm dia., made of Anodised Aluminium attached to a cross bar which attaches to the front of the interface plate with one knurled head screw, which permits centering for R or S 16 .
The Bars are standard , so they can be put on any camera I produce an interface for . ACL , NPR , Cameflex , Bolex , Sony , Canon XL1 etc.Even on your Filmo if so required.

It's a tried & tested system that I have made for about 20 years.

Hope that makes sense . I guess the next upload on my Site should be some Support pictures.

I make bridge pieces for lens supports as well .
Also the hand grip which has to be tried to be appreciated, matte box , & Follow Focus ( very soon )
I haven't seen the OEH version , but you only need a screwdriver ( or coin ) to fit mine .

Web Site : -  www.lesbosher.co.uk
Tel/Fax :- 01685 811422

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