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Eclair ACL TS Lens Aadaptors Available

Hi all,

I'm having a selection of TS mounting lens adaptors made up. They consist of the TS mounting ring and a lens adaptor insert. The adaptor is slotted into the mounting ring and will be available in the following mounts:

Arri Standard, Arri Bayonet, Nikon and CA.

Both parts are made of light-weight alloy. Each insert is fixed onto the lens via 3 hex screws. This is then slipped inside the TS ring which screws onto the ACL. (This ensures the insert hits the face of the ACL front plate and remains at the correct focal depth.) The insert is then locked onto the mounting ring with a further 3 screws in slotted holes.

I've manufactured this component as two parts for several reasons: To keep the design simple and costs down. To ensure the adaptor is always at the correct focal depth. And to allow users the option of using different inserts - this means you only have to by ONE TS ring and buy inserts at a lower cost.

The pricing of the system is as follows:

TS Mounting Ring  $99
Arri Standard Insert  $99
Arri Bayonet Insert  $99
Nikon Insert  $125
CA Insert  $125

Hopefully, this means you can remount a wide selection of lenses with inserts and fix them quickly into the mounting ring, when in the field.

Please let me know if you are interested in any of the items listed.


Robert Latimer
(The Movie House)

EMAIL:  rob@movie-house.com

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