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Re: Eclair ACL TS Lens Aadaptors Available

I'm not at all an expert on optics, but if the individual adapter units such as the ones Robert refers to are properly collomated to within .01mm (=1/2500 inch), (as I'm sure they would be), then it seems to me that it shouldn't really matter if the stainless steel ring that locks it into place against the flange is a separate piece. In fact, I've had times where I thought my Arri adapter was flat against the flange once the retaining ring was tightly screwed in, only to find that somehow it wasn't perfectly flush --- but I had no way of knowing because it's had to tell since the attached retaining ring doesn't really let you see how the adapter is sitting on the flange. I can actually see an advantage to first sitting the adapter flatly on the flange and seeing that it is seated properly, then sliding the locking ring overtop of the adapter and screwing it down. I think that, at the very least, there is equal merit to this approach. Here in the States, a factory ACL Arri adapter sells for $300-$500 from dealers. Mark.

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