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Eclair Cameras: 180 degree shutter @ 24fps and flicker

No it won't , tungsten lights are "continuous"
you only really have to worry if you were using HMI or MSR lighting
and even they tend to have "flicker-free" ballasts these days.

Good luck

ian samels
DP, london

m: MARK HOWARD <mark@howard3596.fsnet.co.uk>
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To: EclairACL@topica.com
Subject: Eclair Cameras: 180 degree shutter @ 24fps and flicker
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 00:13:56 +0000

Hi to everyone again and thanks for the answers on my previous
question,i am about to shoot some interiors using 2-800 watt
tungsten redhead lights and will be using my acl s16, my problem
is that the shutter is the original 180 degree and i will be shooting
at 24 fps,uk voltage is 240 volts - 50hz ,i have read that this
will cause flicker problems,if anyone can suggest an alternative
solution or if they have experienced flicker using similar combination i
would be interested to here your experiences.

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