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RE: Eclair Cameras: EXTRA! EXTRA! Optar Illumina Lenses on Ebay


$450.00. that is alot better then spending $300-500 per lens! however, what exactly is a 'TS' mount, and would i have to have my current eclair acl II CA/c-mount removed from the camera and replaced with a TS mount? if so, does les do this as well and how much does it cost give or take? i have not seen my camera in over 5 months, as it was shipped to bernie o. in bosten to have mark's hd-144 kit installed, as well as having a brightening and general service performed. i had planned on having the camera sent to andrew at azspectrum to have a video tap installed, and then to lee at custom upholstery for a barney. lee told me that the camera must first go to andrew because if he fitted it with a barney prior to the video tap being installed, the tap may interfere with the barney. would this also apply to a TS lens mount? in other words, should i send it in to have a ts lens mount installed PRIOR to sending it to either andrew or lee? regarding the lenses, should they be sent to whomever installs the TS mount, so they(the lenses using the mount converter in relationship to the camera/film plane) can checked for accuracy? or is that not needed? heck, at this rate, i might have a s16 camera ready for filming by next x-mas :)

Michael Welle wrote:

Hi Eric,

I bought the Arri-B to TS adapter from Les Bosher in England. It is about $450.00 when you factor in shipping. I think this is the best way
to go, as I have the full set of Illuminas as well.

Mike Welle

eric m jarvies
cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

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