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Eclair Cameras: More Stuff for sale...

On 12/9/03 1:34 PM, "R.L. Wise SOC" <Bob@loosemoosefilmworks.com> wrote:

In the process of cleaning out the closet in prepartion for moving and have
a few odds and ends for sale...

Perfectone Xtal motor 25FPS and base...

NP1 batteries (6) and charger excellent condition...

Arri Clip on matte box with two 3" X 3" stages...

NP1 battery box (from JVC video camera) could be adapted for an ACL or NPR
for onboard battery...

Frezzi FR16 (Similar to CP16R) with 12-120 lens, two 400 foot mags and Anvil
shipping case.

1200 foot magizine for CP16 (or Frezzi)

400 foot magazine (CP Lexan)

No doubt more as I dig deeper...

R.L.Wise SOC

Got a few other odds and ends...

Panavision remote focus unit...Quite impressive if a bit clunky hard wired
remote focus with controller, motor, cables and matte box bracket. There is
not a lens that this baby will not turn ( I actually considered adapting it
into an anchor winch for my boat!) works on 24 volts...$350.

Panasonic 460 SVHS camera...(two chip!!!) camcorder with case charger etc

O'Connor quick release plate

R.L.Wise SOC

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