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Eclair Cameras: shooting 24fps - flicker on test roll

Hi to everyone again and thankyou Ian ,i had already sent
a test roll for telecine when i posted the flicker and redhead light
question,the beta tape is back and there is a very noticable flicker
from start to finish, the shutter has not been modified to the 144
degree angle and if viewed through the gate there is one pass of the shutter that has no mirror visible the the next two shutter passes show the mirror just creeping into shot on the S16 enlarged side of the gate, its not a lot,would this cause a flicker across the entire frame, I have checked that it is right across the frame by using black card to cover variuos parts of the screen, also the telecine house transfered it 4:3 and not S16 so I am guessing that the part of the frame that is missing from the telecine would be the S16 enlarged
side of the gate were you would expect the flicker to be isolated.
The test was shot using 800 watt redheads plugged into a domestic supply at my house which has wireing and old power boxes under the
stairs and dating from the 60's or am i clutching at straws.
I have spoken to les Bosher who as usual is very knowledgable and
helpfull ,but before sending it off just wondered if any one else using the standard shutter of 180 degrees with an S16 acl has seen any
similar flicker.

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