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Re: HMI Compatibility

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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i'm no gaffer either but i think 25fps crystal is an hmi safe speed for 50hz current which is what you would have in the uk. all the hmi units should synch to the current, so not necessary to link them. you may have to have some sort of phase unit to synch the camera to the lights but once synched it shouldn't be any problem. hope this helped.

So, my question. Does anyone know whether a regular non-flicker-free wire wound ballast HMI is compatible with an ACL running at 25fps. I think the shutter angle is 172.8 (?), someone'll be able to put me right.

Also, (I'm not a gaffer, so this may sound a little dumb) but do you need to link non-flicker-free HMI units together to ensre they stay in sync? I'm sure there's something very basic I'm missing here. Any help appreciated.

Just hoping I could buy some of the cheaper, older units....

Many thanks in advance
Kind Regards

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