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Aminima 200' loads work with ACL!

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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I just loaded up one of my 200' ACL mags with the
"special Aminima only" loads being produced by Kodak.
It's a perfect fit. Best of all if you plan on
upgrading your ACL to S16 it allows you easy access to
single perf. 200' loads (no more spooling reloads).
Unfortunately they don't offer B&W yet. These loads
are also much quieter than the old 200' metal daylight
spools. It comes loaded on a standard cam core with
removable plastic daylight flanges. I removed the
flanges to reduce noise but I'm sure you can leave
them on. Remember the loads are emulsion out and
you'll need some sort of core adaptor or plate to use
them. Good luck and happy shooting.
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