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Re: HMI Compatibility

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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In a message dated 6/2/01 3:25:37 AM, french_cam@hotmail.com writes:

<< >So, my question. Does anyone know whether a regular non-flicker-free wire
wound ballast HMI is compatible with an ACL running at 25fps. I think the shutter angle is 172.8 (?), someone'll be able to put me right. >>

Im intersted in what you found out on that question....

also I have lost the tread to the first "listbot" or what ever it was
in how I found the acl group....can someone give me the address...
a'm almost sure I forgot sign in and password...but I'd like to see teh page on technicians...I know the opticl electro guys and duall in ny....but I am curious about the other fellow in NY and the french fellow(in france?)....for service...

please help...



zesty pictures inc
10 downing st 5j
nyc ny 10014

fax. 212.924.9221

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