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HMI Compatibility

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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Hi Folks

I had a chat with Les Bosher on the phone this afternoon, he seems happy that so many people got onto him re the note I put up a couple of days ago, which is nice :-)

Anyway, onto my question.  The only HMIs I have shot with have been flicker free hire-ins (Arris mostly) along with a hire-in camera (Aaton XTR, etc).  I'm thinking about investing in a couple of units of my own to boost my kit.

So, my question.  Does anyone know whether a regular non-flicker-free wire wound ballast HMI is compatible with an ACL running at 25fps.  I think the shutter angle is 172.8 (?), someone'll be able to put me right.

Also, (I'm not a gaffer, so this may sound a little dumb) but do you need to link non-flicker-free HMI units together to ensre they stay in sync?  I'm sure there's something very basic I'm missing here.  Any help appreciated.

Just hoping I could buy some of the cheaper, older units....

Many thanks in advance
Kind Regards

Alex Ryle - Film Cameraman
Low Budget Film Solutions
Super16/16mm Kits, Lighting and Grips

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