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Tobin ACL Motor

August 6, 2001

ACL Motor
Tobin Cinema Systems

Are details available about Tobin Cinema Systems
ACL Motor.  I've been to the Tobin site, but
did not find the page on the ACL motor.

What are the details?

By the way

Prior Ray Message:

Yes an ACL motor is being developed deep in the top secret labs of Tobin Cinema Systems as we speak. Well actually it's not so top secret, in fact if you want some specs go to Tobin and check it out. It's a from the ground up new design and sounds very cool. If Clive catches onto this thread maybe he can fill in some of the details.

Cheers, Ray | mailto:cinesota@yahoo.com |

Clive Tobin: http://www.TobinCinemaSystems.com |
| http://www.Super8Guy.com/Super8/DirectoryII.html |

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