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Re: Tobin ACL motor

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Clive Tobin will probably build two versions of the motor. One will be a
Cadillac version, with shutter parking, milliframe control, etc. the other
is a lower cost version aimed at those only looking for a motor that will
drive 400' mags. As to the sound level he feels he can get the motor to be
quiet enough. Remember this is still on the drawing boards, no prototype
yet. It is a cool design, the motor and electronics will be housed in a base
that will replace the current electronic base on the ACL, with a drive
coupling interfacing the camera where the current motor is, similar to the
way an Aaton looks. He also mentioned that it should have a faster ramp up
time than the current motors thus reducing flicker.
I'm sure Clive would appreciate any input, he's a nice guy. You can email
him or send your comments to the list and I'll pass them on. My request was
to paint the motor in black powdercoat, gives it more of a "factory" look,
plus I'm not too crazy about the grey he paints his other motors.
my input: I could live without the miliframe control, but, the mirror parking is essencial.
 When you are hand held all day it is very annoying to
 keep manually resetting all day.
 sometimes that is the only reason to shoot with my SR
 over the ACL.
 My only other concern is the noise level.
 My tobin motor for the 35mm camerette sounds like a
 Will these be quiet?
 Jeff Richards
 Los Angeles

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