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Eclair ACL | Aaton A-Minima

August 6, 2001

From Tobin Site:

Eclair ACL Resources A kit of parts (some assembly required!) to convert your Eclair ACL to Super-16 is available. It has been claimed that the ACL is more suitable for making HDTV transfers than a $250,000 Arri 16-SR3, owing to the type of edge guiding giving better data compression behavior.

Tobin site: http://www.tobincinemasystems.com/page86.html |
How does the Aaton A-Minim
Super 16 camera perform
compared to an Eclair ACL II.

I own an ACL II
and an ACL 1 or 1.5 body.

What do you recommend?
Modifying by ACL bodies |
or selling the package and buying
an Aaton A-Minima?

| http://www.Super8Guy.com/Super8/DirectoryII.html |

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