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Magzine Question.

Hi, I have a question about the French 400ft magazines that I hope someone
can help me out with.  When I bought my ACL it came with the wimpy motor on
it and only with a 25fps crystal.  As with most everyone else, I wanted to
run 24fps with the 400ft magazine.  I had an extremely small amount of time
to get the camera working at this speed and luckily there was an ebay
auction for a TCS TXM-D motor, the ones that go onto the Krasnogorsk
cameras.  The thing about the auction was that it came disassembled but with
a larger motor.  I knew the TCS version of the ACL motor wouldn't be
finished in time so I bought this motor and circuit board and modified the
housing so it would mount to my ACL.  The really cool thing was, it worked
when I attached it to the camera and ran some test film through it.  You can
see a picture of it at www.whototake.com/acl.jpg.  It looks like a
frakenstein camera now but it runs a 24fps or at 23.976fps with the
Videoframe controller for sync sound filming.  The problem was that when I
hooked up the 400ft magazine, the motor would run at speed, and pull the
film through, but the take up side would not take up the film.  Can anyone
tell me if this is a magazine problem, or a motor problem?  I didn't think
it could be the motor because it pulled the film through just fine, but the
take up side, with no film on it, wouldn't spin.  Any ideas?  Is this a
characteristic of the French 400's?  Thanks in advance.



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