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=?utf-8?Q?lucapignatti@libero.it?= wrote:
i have some questions that i hope that you can resolve.
Can a tv lens for 2/3" cover super16 format?

NO! A 2/3" lens is only for about a .4" image diagonal which is smaller than a normal 16mm frame. Most 2/3" lenses, especially zooms, will give vignetting in the corners of a normal 16mm frame, and will be grossly inadequate for super-16.

A 1" video lens is for about a .6" diagonal, which will cover the super-16 frame in most cases, I would think.

Confusion sets in because the 2/3 or 1" designation refers to the overall diameter of the old glass vidicon tube, *not* to the actual size of the image area. The terminology has been retained with modern CCD pickup devices having equivalent sensitive areas, even though there is nothing on the CCD that has a diameter.

Clive Tobin

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