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Re: Eclair ACL Nikkor Lens gears?

Hi Les....I have access to a machine shop and though I have gears for both
my lenses, I'm curious as to what "0,8 Module" means (refering to the teeth
on the focas gear).

I've been making a pistol grip mount for my betacam, and have fabricated
rosettes, which are non standard, but fit together fine.  I lathed a piece
of aluminum to 1.035"
(I'm an AMUR - ICK - AN)  mounted it on a dividing head on a horizontal mill
and cut slots with a 60 degree saw blade.  Each rosette came out the same,
regardless how deep my cuts were, because I was using a 40 degree dividing
head and got 40 teeth (in 20 full diameter cuts).

I found that the two issues in making the gears fit were 1) the number of
teeth and 2) the angle of the teeth.  Most the rosettes I looked at had what
seemed to be 90 degree teeth.  The number of teeth  determine how deep the
teeth are.

Anyway, a short course on how a 'pro' measures teeth would be interesting to


Warren Yeager, SOC

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