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Re: Eclair ACL Follow Focus Gears

I'm really fortunate to have access to this facility.  It's an adult education workshot at Venice High School in Los Angeles.  Two classes per week, $60 per year.  It's a fantastic resource in LA.

The machines are pretty old (WWII era) and a little sloppy. It's good for fabricating. (though we do have a CNC mill, but that's way above my skill level. I'm enjoying the creativity of it. We've got vertical mills, horizontal mills, lathes, presses, shapers, grinders, three kinds of welding, forging and casting capabilites. We've got bits and bobs for all the machines, dial indicators, lay out materials and pieces I never knew existed. The instructor's very knowledgeable and patient. It's an open workshop, so the sky's (and one's skill level) the limit. It's amazing. I'll bet some approximation of the manual and the Involute Cutters are in there somewhere, and I'm sure I saw wire guages. There are students building car motors from scratch.
I built a bridgeplate for my ACL and attached 15mm rods.  It was my first project, and sometimes I look at it with a desire to make it again (but so far think better of it).   It works fine, with a little manual adjustment!  This pistol grip mount is quite an undertaking.  I'm making all the rosettes (I screwed on up, so even though I thought I was done with them, I'm back to square one...dammit!) the knobs, and all the pieces from scratch.  It keeps me off the street!

Thanks for the information.  You're even more mystical to me since I've been doing some machining.  The more you know, the more you know you don't know (or something like that).   I consider you my trans-Atlantic Guru!

Warren Yeager, SOC
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 Subject: Eclair ACL Follow Focus Gears

 Hi Warren,
 Well done with the rosettes .
 I'm obviously wasting my time making bits for you guys!
 I won't tell you exactly how to make them though , got to keep a bit of mystique.

 Re the gears:- 0,8 Module refers to the tooth dimension in metric ,which is correct for follow focusses . In Imperial 36DP is an approximation

 Presumably you are fully conversant with the dividing head,so you can do 95 or so divisions.

 All you need then is a set of 7 Involute Cutters at $50.00+  each cutter , an Engineering Workshop Manual at $100.00 for the ' Van Keuren Method of measuring gear teeth using Wires ' , & a set of Wire Gauges .
 Gear Teeth are measured on the Diametral Pitch , so you also need the appropriate pages in the Workshop Manual ( it's becoming better value all the time ) .
If you've got a month or three to spare , come over & I'll give you a course for a large fee.

 Web Site : -  www.lesbosher.co.uk
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