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Re: Eclair Cameras: That Stupid Connector! :-(


I thank you for your insight into reversal film. I am also shooting 100 ft.
rolls, and love them! I load them in daylight and have no problem with them,
shooting wildlife films. That is not easy when you are using 400 ft mags and
run out of film, and have to carry not only the film, but the changing bag
as well out into the field. I am getting a back up camera to have one
loading while I am shooting the other one. (Need an assistant!)

What ASA film do you shoot for reversal film? I have access to some
Kodachrome, as well as other Kodak reversal film, and would like to shoot
it. Anyone have any experience with Fuji reversal film? For outdoor filming
with wildlife, what film would you suggest?

Anyone know where to get recanned or short end film in 16mm, either negative
or reversal?



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Correction in last message: And everyone says "Don't shoot negative,
shoot reversal."

That should actually read: And everyone says "Don't shoot reversal,
shoot negative."


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