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Eclair Cameras: Moviola Modification

Noticed that you said you had modified a moviola for S16.
Do you have any notes or info on this process. 

The Moviola Mod was too easy. First, just file both sides of the aperture with a hand file to size. Then, if you have a take-up model, lathe down the additional track support on the rollers (may need to rechrome them if brass).

And the key --- my Moviola was the older type with a small screen. I removed this screen, obtained one of the late model large screens from a service place that had an extra lying around, centered it up and then attached it just by creating a little metal bracket at the bottom to screw it to the moviola where the small screen had been ... and as fate would have it the lens that was designed to place a R-16 image on the tiny screen put a perfectly sized S-16 image on the larger screen. I then masked the top and bottom of the screen so that I wouldn't see the top and bottom of adjacent frames since the 1.33 screen was too large vertically. It was quite a fluke, since I imagined I'd have to find a different lens.

So I guess if you have a large screen model, change the lens to whatever focal length the older model used, and recenter the screen.


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