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Eclair Cameras: shooting 24 fps - flicker on test roll

Hi all,and thanks for all the help on the flicker problem,i recieved the new test footage back on monday and its perfect rock solid and flicker free,i wired the battery i used for the first test to a small voltage meter and although it was giving me a 12 volt reading, when under load it was dropping below 9.8 /9.5 volts so i replaced the batery with a freshly charged one giving bags of power, under load
it was a consistent 12.8 volts, re-shot the test same lights redhead
800 watts and some exterior stuff and the results are great, i have now shot the full sequence which is to be cut into a digi beta program so as long as i got the shots i need,the super 16 acl full kit will be up for grabs in the new year list of kit below. 1 - super 16 acl body with 25fps motor and cinema products s16 ground glass
2 - 200 foot english magazine scratch tested for s16 /ok
3 - 400 foot english magazine scratch tested for s16 /ok
4 - c-mount to nikon adapter made by nikon ,not cheap nasty copies
5 - Sigma 8mm EX latest fisheye mint with pro uv filter boxed cased
bought for this one project on the acl it is not fisheye just a fantastic wideangle. current uk price is £509
6 - nikon 100mm 2.8 lens excellent condition
7 - 2 sealed lead acid bateries four pin xlr connections plus charger
for uk and usa voltage
8 - grip that fits in the shoe on the base of camera
9 - spare motor with 24fps crystal
10- and i also have a aluminium adapter that fits over the eyepiece
that allows you to attach a cctv camera for a do it yourself video
tap i have not used this but it does come with a 8mm cctv lens that fits in to the adapter the conditions not great but optics are clean
but it has been glued at infinity.
11 - padded eyecup
any interest and i can e-mail pics
thanks to every one that replied to my questions and have a merry christmas

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