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RE: Eclair Cameras: shooting 24fps - flicker on test roll


i have sent you emails from both my eric@earthid.org and ericjarvies@yahoo.com email accounts, and have had no response, and the messages are not bouncing. the last email i received from you was about 2 months back. i remembered you posted to this forum, so i am hoping this message finds you(as i notice you have been actively posting) in recent weeks.

i sent you my ACL II almost 5 months back, and had mark send you a few weeks later a hd-144 s16 conversion kit i had purchased from him. my camera came in the factory travel case with 2 60m mags, angenieux viewfinder, power supply/battery, port covers, grip, etc., as was the one that was in 'like new' condition.
the last email i received from you(to my yahoo.com email address) was:
Hi Eric,

I still did not get the ground glass....I will call him today...I must wait until around 12 noon since he's California time.
Please let me contact you when I get feedback from him.
I promise to let you know today,



if you could please email me(if you actually 'have' been emailing me, then use a differant email account, as i have not received any emails from your 'Bernie_ODoherty@emerson.edu' email account to either my eric@earthid.org or ericjarvies@yahoo.com) at your earliest convienience, i would apreciate it, as the time that has lapsed without my camera, or without word from you, is understandably concerning me. i am sure there is a reasonable explaination for this, and hope to hear from you soon so that i may put my concerns to rest. if anyone else has been in email contact with bernie recently, perhaps you could do me a favor and drop him a note and tell him eric has been tryin to contact him, and if he has been emailing me, please have him use a differant email address as that would indicate something is wrong with his email, as i have used two independant mail servers in my own efforts. i look forward to hearing from you bernie, and look even more forward to receiving my camera at long last :)

eric m jarvies
cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

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