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Eclair Cameras: REPLY- Optar Illumina Lenses on Ebay

thanks karl,

i am unfamilier with a 'TS' mount ... what is it? and would that mean i would need to then remove my ca/c-mount from my eclair and replace it with a TA mount? what would be an aprox. cost to convert my camera(it has the hd-144 s16 kit installed, or so i assume it does)? and then you suggest purchasing a les b. bayo to ts mount converter, which i would essentially use for all the lenses in the set? and this little guy costs aprox. how much?


Karl Kim wrote:

The most economical would be to use the old Arri B to CA adapter, available from several sources. The most elegent would be to aquire an Arri B to TS
lens mount from Les Bosher.

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Subject: RE: Eclair Cameras: EXTRA! EXTRA! Optar Illumina Lenses on Ebay

> hello,
> i have had my eyes on the sets he has been posting on ebay(i assume we
> are talking about the same person, as i have only seen one person
> selling new sets on ebay in the past month or two), and have actually
> emailed him a couple of times ...keiv camera i beleive.  he indicates
> these lenses are in the new arri bayonet mount.
> my ACL II currently has the eclair mount/c-mount.  i have a pl mount to
> c-mount adapter, and a mattebox/rods setup.  so my question is, would it
> be worth converting these to lenses to pl mount and using my pl mount
> adapter on my acl(i also have other c-mount cameras) c-mount?  or would
> it be better installing a pl mount on the acl instead of using a pl to
> c-mount converter?  or, is there c-mount adapter for the new arri
> bayonet mount that these ilumina lenses come in?  if so, where and how
> much?
> assuming one purchases the set of ilumina arri bayonet mount lenses as
> described on the ebay page, what would be the most cost effective route
> to use these lenses on my eclair acl II camera?
> thanks,
> eric m jarvies
> cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

eric m jarvies
cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

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