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RE: Eclair Cameras: EXTRA! EXTRA! Optar Illumina Lenses on Ebay

The lenses in the picture are taken from the Cinema Technic site. The reason is because they can't take any pictures of the actual lenses other than the 8 and the 9.5 which they already opened. You see, the lenses are factory sealed, brand new in bayonet mount. Cinema Technic can put them into bayonet mount for $375.00 each (they might change this). But I went the other route and bought the TS to Bayonet mount adapter from Les Bosher in England. Not all of the lenses are yellow, some have white markings as you can see in the case of the 9.5mm they are selling.

Mike Welle

...but the lenses in the
auction pic are definitely PL. Thats a heckuva deal,
either way.
  Todd Liebman- Cinematographer
  Los Angeles, CA

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Michael Welle

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