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Eclair Cameras: Image Quality

On the subject of quality of images shot by various cameras:

I agree with the others who have posted on the forum:  given a well-adjusted
camera of reasonable quality, the difference is in the LENS and the FILM.

My colorist cannot tell the difference between film shot with an Arri SR3
and my Eclair ACL, given equivalent lenses & filmstocks.  A poorer lens is
easy to spot, no matter on which camera.  Poorer lenses tend to make the
image look more grainy, as well.

A well-adjusted Bolex with Switar primes looks significantly better than an
ACL with an old-era Angenieux zoom, like the 12-120 or even the 9.5-57.  Put
a good set of glass on the ACL, either primes or modern era zooms, like the
Canon 8-64 or Zeiss 10-100 T2, and the images look stunning in telecine.

julian williamson
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