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Eclair Cameras: anamorphic adapter


could anyone suggest an anamorphic adapter i could use on a set of optar ilumina prime lenses? i would also like to be able to use it on a zeiss s16 zoom lens. i am shooting s16 format, but would like to try out an anamorphic adapter up to 2X. any advise, suggestion, arguments, etc. are welcome.

also, just made the plunge on a film processing machine ... a houston fearless colormaster II 3000 series. anyone use one of these beasts or have info on it? i cannot locate an operational manual anywhere, and for some reason the manufacturer has not replied to my requests :(

and one final request .. does anyone know the name of the person who makes the jkprinter? i have emailed him a few times using the metal on his website, and i am not sure if he is getting them because i have had no response. name and email address apreciated.

i am now officially in pre production on my first movie!! filming is scheduled for july through august 15th, during which and at the same time and the fllowing weeks thereafter we will be in post. the goal is to have our final cut by october 1st. this way we can give it our best shot and submit into the sundance film festival. of the 3000+ films they will receive this year, they will select only a few hundred ... will be interesting to see if the fruits of our labor will have paid off.

the name of our movie is TIMESHARE. it will be filmed here in cabo san lucas on location and in a little 25x25 meter studio i am currently building. we will process our own film, and digitize our own film, and naturally edit and will master to dvd nad 1/2" tape for sundance. we will digitize using the kodak 14n dSLR, whereby we will optically enlarge the s16 frame to the maximum area on the 35mm sized sensor ... so our digital originals will be l a r g e, and this will hopefully allow us to make a digital intermediate print to 35mm should theatre projection be warranted. one more note, we are not sure if the kodak 14n dSLR camera is capable of shooting 500,000 to 1,000,000 photos during the film digitizing process, so we are going with the gold plan that they offer, wherein if the camera faults or stops working, they immedialty supply us with a replacement while they repair the camera. there plan says nothing about the number of photos you are allowed to take on the camera ... so it will be a inexpensive insurance policy that will at least allow us to end up with a repaired camera ready for another million photos for the next fim :)

oh, one more bit of info ... because this is my first film, i opted to purchase a mini35 and canon xl1s minidv camera, so i could use my optar ilumina prime lenses to basically setup setup scenes(lighting, filters, etc.) and shoot some tests with both the mini35 and the eclair acl II, so we can establish some benchmarks with regards to visuals/framing/lighting/focal length/general estetics. this way, we cna shot with the mini35 and play around with the footage and see what works best, and when we have locked down a scene or sequence, we will roll film using the benchmarks/comparatives. this way we can reasonably experiement without wasting lots of money on film, processing and digitzing. so the film production will look more like an educational classroom then a professional film shoot .. but what the hell, everyon has to start somewhere, and because do not have any formal film training, i think it is the best solution.

just thought i would share this with some of you that are also making your first film ... it has been almost a year since i started, and now it is really happening and i am excited. but none of it has been easy, and naturally money is always and issue. but such is life. we will make the best film we can wit hthe equipment we have purchased and the people that are coming on board. our cast and crew are being locally recruited and some friends from other parts of the world are coming into cabo for a few months to help out. we have budgeted $30k to pay for 3-6 profrssional actors ... we will try to get the best names we can, but that will all depend on how much they like our script, and our ability to pitch and sell them on it.

eric m jarvies
cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

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