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Re: Eclair Cameras: anamorphic adapter

04-02-12 01.56, skrev eric jarvies på eric@earthid.org följande:


could anyone suggest an anamorphic adapter i could use on a set of optar
ilumina prime lenses?  i would also like to be able to use it on a zeiss
s16 zoom lens.  i am shooting s16 format, but would like to try out an
anamorphic adapter up to 2X.  any advise, suggestion, arguments, etc.
are welcome.

Hi Eric,

If you are using a 2X anamorphic lens on the super-16 format, 1:1,66, you
will get  a format of 1:3.32. The cinemascope format is 1:2.35 (Panavision

A better solution is to use a 1.33 X anamorphic lens made for DV video
cameras to change the 4:3 picture to a 16:9 anamorphic picture.
If you use this on super-16 1:1.66 you will end up with a picture ratio
aspect of 1:2,20.
Both OpTex and Century Optics is making those anamorphic lenses, but one
problem can be to find a lens large enough to cover the front element of the
zoom lens. www.optexint.com

Good luck
Hans Hansson, FSF

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