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Re: Eclair Cameras: Zeiss Zoom T3 vs. Zeiss T2

04-02-11 21.13, skrev Michael Welle på wellem@bellsouth.net följande:

Hi Hans,

You said that the Zeiss T3.3 without the T* has less contrast than the T
3.  However, is the Super-16 Zeiss 11-110 superior to the 10-100 T2 and
the T3 in terms of image quality?  Is the 11-110 have a superior image
to the 12-120 Optex?

Thanks for your help,
Mike Welle

Hi Mike
The T* is a trade mark for Zeiss lenses with multi coating, anti reflex
coating. What I now  there are no difference in quality between Zeiss zoom
10-100 mm T2 and 11-110 mm T2.2. The later covers super-16.
The OpTex conversion of the 10-100 mm T2 lens to super-16 12-120 mm T2.4
have a 1.2x extender added on the rear lens element. As soon as your adding
extra lens element you start loosing optical quality, but I can´t tell you
how much, let say 20% ?? or less in resolution.

Hans Hansson, FSF

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