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RE: Eclair Cameras: EXTRA! EXTRA! Optar Illumina Lenses on Ebay


i have had my eyes on the sets he has been posting on ebay(i assume we are talking about the same person, as i have only seen one person selling new sets on ebay in the past month or two), and have actually emailed him a couple of times ...keiv camera i beleive. he indicates these lenses are in the new arri bayonet mount.

my ACL II currently has the eclair mount/c-mount. i have a pl mount to c-mount adapter, and a mattebox/rods setup. so my question is, would it be worth converting these to lenses to pl mount and using my pl mount adapter on my acl(i also have other c-mount cameras) c-mount? or would it be better installing a pl mount on the acl instead of using a pl to c-mount converter? or, is there c-mount adapter for the new arri bayonet mount that these ilumina lenses come in? if so, where and how much?

assuming one purchases the set of ilumina arri bayonet mount lenses as described on the ebay page, what would be the most cost effective route to use these lenses on my eclair acl II camera?


eric m jarvies
cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

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