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Eclair Cameras: super16 frame ... why not a sw16 frame?


i have a question for bernie, or some other members here who have made the hd-144 s16 conversion.

currently, the immediate right side of the perfs on the left side of a single perf'd roll of film serve as the image starting point. correct? then the image goes all the way to the other end of the film. now each frame is centered on each perf, correct? so the area to the immediate left side of the single perf filmstock is NOT used, correct? i would be interested in USING that area so i have an image that using the entire width of the film frame from side to side. now in doing so, and assuming i used the entire frame width, i would then lose aprox.1mm on the top and a aprox 1mm on the bottom of each frame. so for the extra width, i would be giving away some height. HOWEVER, i would end up with a really nice and wide image. and, if is planned/shot my scenes correctly, i could place my actors and key information in the scenes in the s16 safe area for any 16:9 final cuts i make. but i would then have the option of making the 16mm wide final cut(from side to side) as long as my filming also considered the aprox 1mm on top and aprox 1mm on the bottom. understand?

has anyone done this? i am seriously considering it seeing as how all of my footage will be digitized myself using a digital printer, and the final product will be dvd/video/internet. bernie would then need to center the shutter to the entire 16mm frame instead of the s16 directly to the right of the left perf marks.

any pros and cons on this subject matter would be kindly apreciated.

one other note: i should be receiving my 5 axis mini mill in the next week or so, at which point i am going to attempt the final s16 or sw16 conversion on my beaulieu r16 and cp gsmo cameras. i was not brave enough to do it on the acl ... seeing as how that will be my primary camera used for filming my first movie(brave and bold i am ... stupid i am not).

eric m jarvies
cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

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