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Re: Eclair Cameras: super16 frame ... why not a sw16 frame?

Make sure that:

a) ... all rollers on your lab's processing equipment and Rank do not scratch the perf area. While designed not to scratch the S-16 side, I imagine that all S-16 rollers still take advantage of the perf edge for support. But maybe not, since double S-8 needs to be processed with safe edges.

b) ... your digital transfer equipment can transfer image all the way to the edge of the perf side.

c) You "might" need to close the shutter down a hair more than 144 degrees, although since 144 degrees is "safe" for S16, maybe it would still be spot-on for your new format if the timing was meticulously set (possibly with some experimentation with film, since I have it on advice that when actually running at 24fps the ACL's timing is slightly different than when just inching the mechanism and staring at it. With the 144 degree shutter and super-16 and R-16, there is a slight margin for error. Not likely so with SW-16).

Now if you really want to have some fun, see if you can special order 16mm film with Super-8 perfs IN THE SAME PLACE THAT THE 16mm perfs would be; modify your pulldown claw to the position and width of the S-8 perf, and you won't even have to give up that extra mm on the top and bottom ---- shooting all the way to the S-8 perf should get you almost as close to the edge (since SOME edge support is needed anyway).

Other options: add an anamorphic lens! Or maybe do wide-screen 3-D with side-by-side images. :-)


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