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Eclair Cameras: RESPONSE-AZ Spectrum video assist, preliminary

thanks for the insight. i will be having andrew install a video assist on my aclII after bernie completes the HD-144 conversion. hopefully he should be receivin the camera within the next few days.

regarding me use of the video tap footage ... this is the deal; i live 1300 miles away from the closest processing lab. so, when i shoot my movie i will NOT be sending in my film every day, nor every week. in fact, i will most likely send it in when i have completed filming. until that time, this film will need to be maintained in the fridge and god forbid any of the rolls are bad or exposed incorrectly.(i will be conducting many film tests over the next months to work out any kinks.). so i would like the video tap footage recorded to dv and used for keeping track of my scenes i have shot and continuity regarding items in sequencial scenes and lighting and so on. because i will be filming on location in a remote part of mexico(5 hours from any modern conveniences(power, phone, etc.), i will have my motorhome equiped with my g5 running off of batteries(solar) and generator. so this will literally be my lifeline to making sure my next scene in in tune with my last as it relates to shooting sequences scenes out of sequence.

also, i will be shooting the entire film using K-40 color reversal. i am shooting this film stock because it will lend ot the type of film i am making. kodak does not sell the k-40 16mm filmstock in 200' spools. can anyone help me out with the best way to take 400' spools and cutting them in half to make 200' spools? is there a machine that can be purchased to do this? or a company that provides this service? i need about 20 rolls of 200' for shots being taken using my R16, which is smaller, and will be used for underwater, hanging off the side of cliffs, etc.


BTW, eric, in case you aren't aware of it, a video assist reads the finder screen, so you also have the cross hair and other reticle markings (frame line, TV safe action) on your video image. It also records any groundglass texture that is visible on your screen. The AZ Spectrum unit is not flicker free, so you get a strong flicker when the camera is running. This is not really a problem for the purpose for which video assist is intended, but is another aspect that I think would be undesirable for off-line editing of the image, as you mentioned.

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