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Eclair Cameras: Customizing ACL motor to Cameflex

Hi there all you experts out there,

I just picked up a Tobin TXM-25A sync motor for a ACL. My hope is to
customize this motor to work on a Cameflex. Though there is doubt this motor
is strong enough to power a Cameflex, Optical Electro house has been using
the Tobin Intervalometer, 1:1 ratio motor, designed for the bolex for some
time with success. I have also used the Meritex inervalometer (also designed
for a Bolex) on my Cameflex ISTM with much success. The thing is, this motor
has a gear ratio of 2:5:1 and I need to convert it to a 3:1 gear ratio. I
may have some leads as to how to make this work, but if any of you have
suggestions or ideas where I could get the appropriate reduction or pully
reducer (or what ever to make this work) it would be appreciated. I do have
an extra Cameflex motor ­ not sure if I could use the gears from there?
Also, if I do need a stronger motor any thoughts on what type, name, model
and where?
Really appreciate any feedback on this one.

All the best,
Dale Hildebrand

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