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Eclair Cameras: question follow up-video tap, s16 conversion, monitor/recorder

hello again,

one more thing i forgot to ask any of the other members ... as stated in my last post, i am going to have an azspectrum acl color video tap installed so i can accomplish the following:

1. have the ability to view framed image/scene on a monitor
2. record said image/scene so i can study scenes, and even assembly then in fcp prior to having the film processed and digitized/transferred.

i would like to break two bottles with one stone(i stopped killing birds along time ago :) regarding the equipment i purchase. now then, if i hooked up a monitor like the SONY PVM-8041Q, would i be able to, in real time, check my colors as it relates to my lighting and filters i am using for filming any given scene? if so, then i could use a monitor like this for both the video tap and for the nle suite(video out from fcp). or is what i am saying not viable or not required? i do understand i will have to do some color correction of the transferred/digitized film footage using nle tools. but does it help when actually filming a scene to use a color check monitor like this to help make certian my lighting and filter use is correct from the start?

i have neither the experience or knowledge in this area, but when i actually do purchase the monitor and recording device, i would like to be able to get the most milage out of these units if they are able ot serve multiple purposes. any advise would be greatly apreciated.


eric m jarvies
cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

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