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Re: Eclair Cameras: Anamorphics on 16mm

--- Ian Marks <ianmarks@lycos.com> wrote:

Panasonic offeris a supplementary anamorphic lens for this camera for those who want a 16:9 ratio.

---  But does it focus?

Century has finally brought out a 1.33x attachment
with 58mm threads that can be FOCUSED.  Their other
models and the Optex and the no longer availiable Cambridge are fixed focus, apparently set at some
intermediate distance.  Thus they can only be used at
the wide end of a zoom, no 'zoom through'.

A 1/3" CCD has the same target area as regular 8mm, so
the shorter focal lengths have more depth of field
than an equivalent 16mm lens.  The fixed focus makes
them impractical for 16mm and S16.  Which is too bad.
A 1.33x squeeze with a 16/9 image area gives you
AR. & the 1.33x attachment can be used with a wider
angle than 2x or 1.5x attachments.

in TohoScope,

--- LV

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