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Eclair Cameras:

hello everyone,

i have finally decided to have the acl II i purchased(which the seller FINALLY got in touch with me ... sergey, the russian ebay guy) sent directly to andrew at azsprectrum to have a s16 color video tap installed. however, i would also like ot have an s16 conversion performed to the camera. would it be better to have azspecrum perform the tap first, then have the s16 conversion done second? or the other way around?

also, regarding the s16 conversion ... i noticed that lee boshner in the uk does a conversion for about $600.00. could some people give me some heads-up regarding what acl s16 conversion is truly the best in terms of quality, dependability, and price(in your own honest opinion based on your own personal experiences)?

i need to know this info sooner then later because i have ot have the camera shipped from russia tomorrow or the next day, and would like to send it directly to the s16 conversion place or azspectrum ... but need to know what work should be performed first.

and one final question ... i was considering purchasing one of those little portable dv recording decks with the 5" display as my monitor for the video tap so i could record my scenes to dv so i could essentially see my filmed scenes without having to send the film off for processing and transfer. has anyone done this, and if so, could you tell me if the quality is acceptable? it seems silly to purcase a $500 LCD only display when i can spend $800.00 for an LCD AND dv recorder.

thanks for your help.

eric m jarvies
cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

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