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Re: Eclair Cameras: The Mini super16mm

The info I gave about A-Cam speed was wrong.
1 to 36 f.p.s. is the right speed.

Go to: www.ikonoskop.com

Body: Milled aluminium shell
Socket threads: 3/8" and 1/4"
Weight: Ca 1,5 kg incl. lens, film and batteries
Measures: 238 mm x 108 mm x 64 mm
Lens mount: C, later PL-mount
Film format: Super 16 = 1:1,66 = 15:9
Film capacity: 30,5 m/100 ft
Shutter speed: 1- 36 fps
Shutter angle: 160°, interchangeable
Time lapse: 1 fps ­ 1 frame/24 h
Standard optics: Kinoptik 9 mm f/1.5
Power: 12 volts
Battery: Internal, also runs of external 12 V supply
Viewfinder: Parallell mounted, non-reflex

A-Cam is extremely compact, allowing it to be carried and used in any and
all situations and locations and, due to it's small size, the camera can be
set up and used in tight and tricky spaces and situations.

A-Cam can be handled without complicated and time-consuming preparations.
A-Cam's groundbreaking construction includes a shutter that can be opened or
replaced for optical effects. No modification of the camera required.

A-Cam is priced at only a fraction of its competition, making it the first,
and only, modern film camera accessible to a wide range of users.

Hans Hansson, FSF

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