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Re: Eclair Cameras: The Mini super16mm

Mike Welle wrote:

The three questions that I have about this are:

1) How loud (or quiet) is it in decibels?  I know they say "it will not
run completely silent," but I really need a db rating.

It´s not under 30 db, it´s a M.O.S. camera not made for sound sync, like the
Bolex but it´s crystal controlled 1-50 f.p.s.

2) How does the included Kinoptic 9mm lens compare with Optex, Zeiss,
etc. primes?

It´s a excellent lens. I will say better than Zeiss 9,5 mm. Kinoptik cover
super-16 with perfect sharpness even in the corners. The Zeiss 9,5 covers
super-16, but it´s not 100% sharp in areas outside standard-16.

3) When will they sell the kit which will allow it to use PL-mounted
lenses and reflex viewing?

Very soon it´s available with PL-mount. Reflex viewing will take some time.

Hans Hansson, FSF

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