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Eclair Cameras: OT: Film Stock/Canon Scoopic M, MS


About the best price I've found on raw stock is Fuji
Color Negative which you can get for around 27 cents a foot at:


After hearing Wade's argument for negative, I am
considering trying out some of Kodak's Vision line on the A-Minima 200' loads. I want to shoot 7245 and the one that has a 320 Tungsten rating. Since they agreed to change their description of the ACL I am no longer
boycotting them!

The Canon Scoopic MS actually changed the light
reading while film was running through it. This made it awesome for handheld work, like for instance, I remember one shot I did of my sister walking under flourescent lights in a strip mall, and then into a Chinese restaurant, and the meter would change the light reading--and it looked great. It has a dial on it that lets you set speeds from 20 to 640ASA, and it compensates at any speed from 16, 24, 36, 48 and 64 fps. Sure, you'll want to lock your exposure in place for static shots. But for shots taken from inside of the passenger's seat of a car this is wonderful. Too bad it can't be modified for Super 16:(


Raymond wrote:


Good points. Let me know how the reversal film
comes out. Is the
the same cost? Is raw stock the same cost?

I agree on the light meter. A question for the
Scoopic. Did it CHANGE
setting automatically for you, with fixed fps
speed, or did it simply
you a meter reading with the needle and YOU had to
manually change the
aperture setting manually?

I did not realize it would change the setting
automatically. Is that the
version that did this?



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