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Eclair Cameras: New lens to consider

Has anyone seen what Nikon has done for their D100 digital SLR cameras???

They use an imager which is smaller than full-frame 35mm (135 format).
These cameras take regular Nikkor lenses but because the imager is smaller,
the field of view is smaller, too.  To maintain the field of view of the
full 35mm cameras, photographers must use shorter focal length lenses.
Many regular focal-length lenses are available but when you start buying
anything shorter than 20mm or 17mm, the number of available lenses goes way
down and the price goes way up.

So to fill a need, Nikon is making a 12-24mm f4 zoom lens for their small
imager digital SLR cameras.  Since the imager is smaller, the lens itself
can be smaller, the field coverage can be smaller and quality of such short
focal lengths can be maintained.  Nonetheless, the image size still covers
half-35mm frames so the lens would work on CM3s with a Nikon mount and also
easily cover S16 cameras with a Nikon mount.  Street price for new lens is
about $1030.  Availability is unknown although I see them for sale on the
internet after doing a www.google.com search.  Nikon says it is the first
in a series so perhaps some prime lenses will come along, too.


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