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Re: Eclair Cameras: Lens Adapter Question

Thanks for the help on the Nikon adapter.

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--- Raymond <roelrich@shaw.ca> wrote:
> I am trying to find a Nikon to Arriflex adapter for
> my Arri SB. Any ideas?

--- The flange focus for Arri mts. is 52mm, vs. around
46.5mm for Nikon.  Also, the diameter for Arri Std.&
Bay. is 41mm,  the Nikon is considerably wider.

Therefore: No fit.

However, there are Nikon to Arri Macro adaptors. Focusing at infinity is not possible with those.
And there telextender/adapters.  Les Bosher has a 1.4x
N-A adapter, though it might be Arri PL.

Jake Monroy in LA converts Arri Ms to Nikon Mt.
Cinema Engineering is the company's name.

yours in TohoScope,

--- LV

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