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Re: Eclair Cameras: Timecode with ACL

03-06-13 19.19, skrev Bill Wiley på billwiley1@hotmail.com följande:

From your personal experience, what do you think has a better sounds
quality.  Analog or DAT recorders.  Which works best with the timecode set
Bill Wiley

You will get a good sound with both analog  recorders (Nagra or Stellavox)
and digital recorders (DAT or MD, Mini Disc, hard disc, etc.).  More
important is to have a good mic. and a short mic. distance.  Both types of
sound recorders works to record timecode. The latest technology in sound
recording is hard disc or DVD recording. If you shall record stereo +
timecode you need a recorder with built in timecode track. If you shall use
your recorder for dialog from one mic. you can record the timecode on one of
the two tracks on a stereo recorder.

Hans Hansson, FSF.

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