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June Heads Up

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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Hi everyone,
I'm going to try to send out a Heads Up about once a month. The List is
growing fast, we seem to add a member every couple of days. I want to
encourage everyone to participate in the List. So far the majority of
posts are from the same 5 or 6 individuals. It's important that everyone
contribute to the discussions. So throw in your two cents if you have a
question or an answer.  As of today you must be a List member to view the
Archives. I felt this would help bring more members into the fold, because
the Archive has become something of a resource itself. I wish Listbot
offered a "digest" mode for postings but they don't. If the list grows
enough I may look into a pay list server. That would mean no more Nextcard
ads. Woohoo! (For those of you not familiar with digest posting, it would
group each days postings and send a combined email once or twice a day. I
know how it can be when you don't monitor your email for a couple of days
and your inbox gets filled with posts.)That's about it. I do want to renew
my call for recommendations for good ACL techs. A database of technicians
would be invaluable to the List.
Take care and happy shooting,
Ray the ACL List Mum

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