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Re: The ACL has arrived!

...I have the English, 24fps motor, 2 x 200' Mags, 1 x 400' English
mag, Eclair TS/Cameflex mount, standard Angenieux (non-orientable) viewfinder, NP1B battery system, and the powergrip accessory (very cool). I got it for pretty darn cheap.<

Good luck on that motor.  It's the wimp!  Ours would not pull the
400' mags to sync speed any time the camera was used in 45 degree
temperatures or less.  It really lacks the horsepower.  Maybe yours
will be a good one--they varied from unit to unit, I was told by
Cinema Products, who made a conversion for it (added a flywheel to
reduce tendencies to flicker, and variable speeds--but no more power.)
We went through 2- CP conversions (well, actually, one; the second
one was working when we replaced it with a good motor.)  We finally
solved the problem with a Haflexx motor.  Tobin is also coming out
with one.  If yours works okay, great.  If it won't get to speed when
cold, or with certain mags or film loads, you'll need to consider a
motor upgrade.
We did a feature length production with the single speed motor on our
English ACL in which there was quite of bit of location work in winter
weather.  We made a vinyl barney for the camera that had a skirt
around the tripod head (we were always on tripod.)  Then we hung a
4000 BTU Coleman heater between the sticks to keep it (and the
operator!) warm.  So long as it was warm it ran fine.

...  Oh, by the way.  My filter holder does not have a gel in it
right now. Is it necessary to have a clear gel in for proper back-focus? Or is it possible that Optical Electro House collimated my cam for use without the gel?

We have never used a clear gel.  We have used it extensively with no
filter and no problems, even with a 5.9 Angenieux.  Theoretically,
there should be one with the shorter lenses, esp. the 5.9, but we had
no problems with focus.  Just be sure you have the holder in the slot,
or tape it over with black tape, so it doesn't leak light.

Wade K. Ramsey, DP
Dept. of Cinema & Video Production
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC 29614

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