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Re: The ACL has arrived!

Congrats Marc on the new cam.
I have found my best loops (read:quietest) are around
13 frames, which works out to what Wade said if you
pull it to the bottom of the mag lip. I wouldn't worry
about getting that extra frame in the bottom loop.
Regarding your lens selection, we used to have a
CP-16R with an Angie 10-150 at film school and I
remember the drawback to the lens was a slight
vignetting at the widest focal length. If it vignettes
on reg 16 it will definitely be a problem with S16. I
would shoot some tests head to head and see which lens
you like best.
I never use the BTL filters myself. I would think
George at OEH collimated your lens assuming you
wouldn't be using them either. So I wouldn't put a
clear in there. I'm kinda against using gel filters
behind the lens myself. Tolerances are way too
critical back there. I don't use them on my Bolex
either. They might be good for special effect or in a
pinch. I'm probably opening up a can of worms here.

Mark @ Super16ACL has mentioned this idea before. I've
tried it too. You can build your own core plates with
a standard core adaptor (Arri and Bolex are most
common) and the flange off of a 200' or 400' daylight
spool. The flanges are easy to remove with a pair of
needlenose. You can glue it or screw it to the the
core adaptor and voila! you have a core plate. You may
have to improvise (and a Dremel tool doesn't hurt
either:) but it will work.

As a side note, you can use the film loads sold by
Kodak for the Aaton Aminima in any ACL 200' magazine
with a core adaptor (the Aminima loads are essentially
200' core loads). It's a perfect fit, it's single perf
(for S16), and much quieter than the old metal 200'
daylight loads. Yippee!

Keep us updated on how the camera performs. Good luck
and happy shooting.

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