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Re: The ACL has arrived!


One more thing you may be interested in experimenting with.  The
yellow out-of-- sync light on top the motor is virtually invisible to
everyone, including the operator, when you are shooting.  Big
help--that's when you need it!

The lamp inside is a tungsten bulb that is held in by the yellow lens
being screwed down over it.  I had our machinist make a brass
replacement for the lens that screwed into the motor and had a small
nipple on top that just fit a piece of fibre optic cable I found in an
experimenter's kit.  The cable was just long enough to wrap once
around the neck of the finder, then poke through a hole I made in the
rubber eyecup.  This gave me the out of sync warning in the periphery
of my vision, and proved to be a big help when the motor would begin
to slow down from the cold, or a battery would unexpectedly run down. Wrapping it around the finder allowed the finder to be rotated to
different angles without messing up the fibre optic cable or yanking
it out.  Maybe you can come up with a similar arrangement.

With the Haflexx motor, the light is in the same useless place, but
it is an LED.  So I pulled out the LED, wired in a minijack, and
plugged in a cord that wraps once around the finder and terminates
with the LED poked through the hole in the eyecup.  Works great, and
when necessary to take things apart, the cord can be unplugged.

Wade K. Ramsey, DP
Dept. of Cinema & Video Production
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC 29614

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