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Re: Does anyone else do it this way?

From: A van Roy <cineman16@yahoo.com>
Subject: Does anyone else do it this way?

Also, rather than convert to super16, I use a 2:1
anamorphic lens in front of a 28-135 zoom (for 35mm
still camera, Ang zoom vignettes at everything below
60mm or so) on a Nikon adapter. This gives either a
nice 2:35 projected image through a standard 16mm
projector (with 2:1 anamorphic attachment too, of
course), or a simple optical blow-up to 35mm which can
then be projected through the usual 35mm/cinemascope
projector. Cheapest widescreen there is, I think.

What kind of anamorphic lens are you using, and what kind of bracket? Does anyone else have any recommendations on an anamorphic system to use with the ACL?


Marc S.

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