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Anamorphic lens

--- Marc Syp <mpsyp@hotmail.com> wrote:

What kind of anamorphic lens are you using, and what
kind of bracket? Does anyone else have any recommendations on an anamorphic system to use with the ACL?


Marc S.

I use an Ishico 'Proskar Anamorphic-16 2x', but new
ones can be had through the Widescreen Centre in
London (although the prices are a bit steep I think).
My second lens (for projection) I was given by my
father (an avid 'junk' collector when it comes to
camera stuff), so they do turn up 2nd hand from time
to time. I know that Bolex used to make them too.

As for mounting, I first used a base/rod system I made
similar to that seen on Arri SRs. It was fine for
primes, but no good if you wanted to use a telscoping
zoom (which are the only ones likely to not vignette
with an anamorphic attachment at wide angles ie around
35mm*). So, I made a base/rod system which has a
sliding runner attached, so that the anamorphic lens
attaches directly to the front of the taking lens, and
is supported by the sliding runner rather than being
attached to the rods. This allows telescoping while
minimising stress on the mount (the anamorphic lens is
not light, especially with matt box attached). Fine if
the camera is horizontal, but not so good  otherwise.
I'm working on a fix for that.

So all up the set-up is longer and heavier than a
standard set-up, but still a lot lighter than most
other 16mm kits.
(*) Before someone says that 35mm is not a 'wide
angle', please remember that the resultant 2.35 aspect
ratio unsqueezed image is the equivalent of about a
15mm cropped top and bottom!
Any other helpful stuff with regard to anamorphic
shooting would be great to read, as most people I've
met have no experience with it. I almost feel like I'm
re-inventing the wheel sometimes!



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