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Re: Does anyone else do it this way?

--- gryanme@aol.com wrote:
What would happen if you transferred to normal or
high def video? Will it still be widescreen?

Yes, any modern telecine will 'de-squash' the image. I
made two music videos while living in New Zealand, and
the telecine to Betacam SP gave a very nice 2.35
transfer. Used in this way, the result is far superior
(I think) to cropping the 16mm full frame image (not
mention far easier to judge safe areas in the
viewfinder), and would also be better than a cropped
super 16 (if 2.35 was required - obviously the closer
you are to 1.66 the better super 16 becomes). Of
course super 16 with a 1.5x anamorphic squeeze would
be better still for HD video work, assuming the 2.35
aspect ratio is what is wanted. I much prefer my work
to be in 2.35, but I understand that everyone has
their preferences!

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